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    Commercial Roofing in Green Bay

    As you have come to our site, you are probably looking for professional commercial roofing contractors. Here we are to rescue! Commercial roofs play a significant role in determining how the interior of the building will be protected and appreciated in all weather conditions. Therefore, choosing a licensed and expert commercial roofing contractor is a must. 

    Over the years, we have worked on a variety of commercial roofs. You can rely on our roofing expertise if you need to replace, repair, or install roofs. We will provide you with a sound and affordable service plan that includes competent and efficient commercial roofs to keep your roof in good shape.

    Types of Commercial Roofing Materials

    Sometimes, it can be troublesome to choose the ideal material for your commercial building’s roof. The following are some of the most traditional commercial roofing materials:

    Rubber Roofing: Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) or rubber roofing is one of the most cost-effective roofing materials available. It’s also relatively simple to install and lightweight. So there is no need to repair the roof deck. However, if you’re looking for a roof that’s appealing to the eye, this isn’t the sort to go with.
    Thermoplastic Roofing: These roofing systems are highly reflective and easy to lift, fire-resistant, and wind-resistant. Also, UV rays, substances, including fats and oils, all have a slow rate of deterioration on these types of roof materials. Although, beware of poorly manufactured products, as TPO has become common.
    Green Roof: This style of roofing is made up of a durable waterproof membrane that is entirely protected by green plants. Security from the environment, potential utility and government rewards, and increased aesthetics are just a few of the benefits. They frequently have advanced water and sanitation treatment, temperature monitoring, and sensor capability. But continuing maintenance and oversight are required on green roofs.
    Shingle Roof: Shingles which are most often used on residential houses, are also found on commercial buildings. This material is relatively simple to mount and flexible. However, They don’t last as long as other commercial roofing materials.

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    Commercial Flat Roofing in Green Bay

    The roof is one of the most valuable components in your commercial building since it will act as the primary means of shielding the interior space. Furthermore, it may have an appealing look and design. If you’re looking for a roofing material that will optimize your usable space while still giving you an attractive appearance, we suggest a flat roof. They have a flat and modern design with waterproof elements that drain water and other liquids. In recent years, flat roofs have become increasingly necessary. Whether it is flat roof installation or repair, we will provide you with our best services within your budget.

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