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    Residential Roofing Replacement in Green Bay

    You can trust us if you worry that your roof might not be in good shape and will need to be replaced. For strong and durable roofs, we aim to provide quality service within budget. We have more than enough experience to provide you with the ideal roof. Our licensed and expert roofing contractors work hard to maintain the quality and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with the job from start to finish. They are highly knowledgeable in all areas of roofing and ensure that the roof of your home or office is up to standards.

    Residential Roof Replacement Process

    • We know that you are thinking of replacing your roof right now. Here is our process of replacing your roof so that you can get a clear idea about what we will do to your roof:
    • We prepare the site for the replacement. We adhere to proper safety procedures by requiring staff to wear suitable safety equipment when necessary.
    • If you have an existing roofing structure, then we remove it properly. We begin on all slopes from the base of the roof and work upwards. We will carefully remove exhaust vents and other insertions in your house to ensure their protection.
    • We make sure that the metal flashing around the chimney and other penetrations is correctly assembled and maintained.
    • We install underlayment depending on the roof’s material.
    • Whatever roof material you want to replace, we do it following the industry’s best practices and company standards.
    • We clean up and check the roof until we complete all the installations. Then we’ll meet with you to finalize and receive the payment with no complications.
    • Your roofing supplies and labor are covered by a warranty.

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